Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2022 is a global movement day that inspires hundreds of millions of people to GIVE, COLLABORATE, and CELEBRATE GENEROSITY.
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What is GivingTuesday?

GivingTuesday is a global movement that inspires
hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity on #GivingTuesday, November 29th.
There is no need to wait until #Giving Tuesday to help us reach our goal of $10,000. Click the button below to donate.

If you prefer to make a direct credit card donation, click HERE.  If you’d like to write a check, you can make it out to Homeless Animal Rescue Team, and mail it to: 2638 Main St., Cambria, CA. 93428  
HART is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are eligible to be tax deductible.
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Homeless Animal Rescue Team's
Very Special Cats

Read below to learn more about what makes HART so special. We believe all cats deserve love and care regardless of age, temperament, illness or special needs.
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Lavender Harmony is getting help she needs – thanks to HART.  Lavender, and her best friend and brother, Lupine, were adopted from HART as kittens.  Unfortunately, their family was unable to keep them, and drove them all the way back to HART from Wisconsin, because they knew they would be loved and well-cared for until they found new homes.  Lavender and Lupine are deeply bonded.  HART prioritizes the emotional well-being of the cats in our care, and so will keep them with us until the perfect adopter is found – a family who wants them both.  Bonded cats tend to wait much longer in shelters, and cost the shelter more for their care, but HART will gladly pay the costs of ensuring the best outcome for them.
Sadly, Lavender Harmony was recently diagnosed with Glandular Lymphoma.  Fortunately, because it surfaced on her chin, we were able to spot it early and get her seen by a Veterinary Oncologist. Lavender was lucky she was at HART when her cancer was found, because funds YOU donated to last year’s Guardian Angel Fund Giving Tuesday Campaign are paying for her expensive cancer treatment.  Her outlook is hopeful, and we are waiting to see how well she responds to chemo.  Already her lump is shrinking, and hopefully Lavender and Lupine will soon be on their way to a fur-ever home together.
Please consider donating to our GivingTuesday Fundraiser so that we can help more cats in need, like Lavender and her brother Lupine, when they are in need of help.
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Bobby Sox

Meet Bobby Sox!  Bobby Sox is a pint-sized Mr. Personality who had a rough start in life.  In February of this year, HART was contacted by another rescue and asked to help Bobby Sox after he’d crashed and nearly died on the operating table during an attempt to neuter him.  His owner couldn’t afford his care, and the other rescue was unable to help him further.  When Bobby Sox arrived at HART, he was in bad shape - malnourished, uncomfortably constipated, and suffering from severe ringworm.  Even though he was already a year old, he weighed only 3.75 pounds!  We weren’t sure he’d survive, but he has shown amazing resilience, and has healed and grown stronger over the past 9 months under HART’s loving care. He now is a healthy 9 pounds and waiting for the purr-fect purr-son to bring him home. He is affectionately known as “Uncle Bobby” in HART’s kitten room - “supervising” the youngsters, and enjoying the kittenhood he deserved, but due to his illness, never got to enjoy.

For more of Bobby Sox’s story, visit his profile at:
Your help is needed this #GivingTuesday to raise at least $10,000, which will help us keep our doors open to help more cats like Bobby Sox.  HART depends on financial support from the community to survive.
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Beautiful 14-year-old Crissy has been ADOPTED! A wonderful person reached out to us last week. The following are snippets of her message: "I’m looking to adopt a senior kitty. I’ve always wanted to adopt a senior who I can give love and affection in their final years. I’m looking for the right one for my home and I've seen how many you have in your shelter. I’m just really wanting to help one out that isn’t likely to get adopted."

She drove over 3 hours to HART, and fell in love with Crissy! Crissy's age, kidney disease, and hypertension were not deterrents, and she was perfectly fine giving Crissy the medication she needs. We want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Crissy's wonderful new human for giving a Homeless Senior Cat a 2nd chance at happiness!
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12-year-old Sassy might not be around today if it wasn’t for HART.   Her former family decided to get a new puppy, and that didn’t go over well with poor Sassy.  She was absolutely terrified of the new puppy.  Unfortunately, her former people decided Sassy should be euthanized because she wasn't adjusting to the puppy.  Luckily, a brave volunteer stepped in and convinced them to relinquish Sassy to HART instead.  Thankfully, HART doesn’t have any age or temperament restrictions for intakes, like other shelters sometimes do, so we were able to give her a place to heal from her trauma.
Sassy has been very vocal about her displeasure in being replaced, uprooted, and living in an unfamiliar environment with strangers.  Until recently, Sassy has been mistrustful of most people. However; she has begun to bond with a few people at HART.  She will seek out attention from those people, and will even sit on their laps and purr.  She has also taken a liking to some of our young visitors, and plopped right down in their laps for some love.  Some days it is all still a little overwhelming for her, but we are excited and encouraged to see the progress she is making.  We know she will someday soon find her purr-fect new family who will love her unconditionally, and make her happiness top priority, as she deserves.

Sassy’s story is an example of why it is so important to help make sure we reach our $10k goal this GivingTuesday.  Every dollar donated helps.  We truly appreciate your support!
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PJ is a strikingly handsome 17-year-old Gray Tabby Manx who came to HART with his adopted siblings, Catherine and Harriet, when their purr-son needed to move to a care facility.  His stunning green eyes are so endearing, you can't help but stop and give him some love.

He is deeply bonded with Catherine and Harriet, who he has been with for most of his life.  PJ is very loving, and spends time snuggling and grooming his sisters.  Even at 17, PJ loves to play with wand toys.

As he has aged, PJ has developed issues with emptying his bladder, and needs help with it several times daily.  He takes it all in stride, and is very good with it.  Please don't let that deter you from bringing this wonderful cat into your life, and giving him a well-deserved, loving, fur-ever home.  
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