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HART regularly rescues neglected, injured, or seriously ill cats and kittens. While the shelter’s general fund finances intake exams and typical medical necessities, that fund cannot also afford to cover extraordinary and expensive medical interventions.

That’s where the Guardian Angel (GA) program steps in. GA was formed by volunteers and supporters in 2012 to secure the funds for non-routine, costly medical treatments for HART’s felines. The GA program saves lives, ensures that cats and kittens are healthy and pain free, and improves their chances of finding good homes. As a restricted fund, GA proceeds are designated exclusively for special medical expenses.

HART is a no-kill shelter committed to rescuing and caring for homeless animals in need. We will never turn away an animal because of sickness or age. Your support, no matter how small, has a significant impact. GA funds save lives - together, we can make a difference!

Click on the DONATE button below to make a donation to HART's Guardian Angel fund. We accept most payment methods including all major Credit Cards, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, and Direct Debit (ACH).

HART is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are eligible to be tax deductible.
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Read below to learn more about some of the cats currently in our Guardian Angel Program and what makes the GA fund so special. We believe all cats deserve love and care regardless of age, temperament, illness or special needs.
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Sayu came to HART in 2021, still nursing her 5 kittens.  Soon after, Sayu began developing worrying symptoms that her Vets were at a loss to explain.  HART's Guardian Angel Program paid for multiple expensive tests and various treatments to be tried.  Eventually, after special genetic testing was done, Sayu was eventually diagnosed with a rare Lysmal Storage Disease.  Fortunately, she is currently living with a wonderful foster family who is loving and caring for her as we help her navigate her symptoms. 
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PJ is a strikingly handsome 18-year-old Gray Tabby Manx who came to HART when his purr-son needed to move to a care facility.

As he has aged, PJ has developed "Manx Syndrome" which causes issues in cats born with no tails.  Because of this, PJ has issues with emptying his bladder, and needs help with it several times daily.  He takes it all in stride, and is very good with it. HART's GA Program helps PJ with medications to keep him comfortable.  He currently lives in a loving foster home, but would love to find a fur-ever family. 
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Mr. Mittens

Sixteen-year-old Mr. Mittens was relinquished to HART nearly a year ago because his owner was unable to care for him.  He had been diagnosed with Diabetes, and it was a challenge to keep his bloodsugar balanced.  Thankfully, HART's Guardian Angel Program is paying for bloodwork, insulin, and glucose testing to help him live his best life.   Mr. Mittens is still hoping to find a permanent home to spend his golden years in. 
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Guardian Angel Graduates

Thanks to the generous donations from all Guardian Angel donors, the following kitties have "graduated" from the Guardian Angel program and are incredible examples of what can be accomplished. Below are stories of just a few of the many cats whose medical care was paid for by the Guardian Angel Fund. THANK YOU!
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Lavender Harmony got the help she needed – thanks to HART.

Lavender was adopted from HART as a kitten.  Unfortunately, her family was unable to keep her, and drove her all the way back to HART from Wisconsin, because they knew she would be loved and well-cared for. 

Sadly, Lavender Harmony was  diagnosed with Glandular Lymphoma.  Fortunately, because it surfaced on her chin, we were able to spot it early and get her seen by a Veterinary Oncologist. Lavender was lucky she was at HART when her cancer was found, because funds in the Guardian Angel Fund paid for her expensive cancer treatment.

Please consider donating to our Guardian Angel fund so that we can help more cats in need, like Lavender.
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Bobby Sox

Meet Bobby Sox!  Bobby Sox is a pint-sized Mr. Personality who had a rough start in life.  HART was contacted by another rescue and asked to help Bobby Sox after he’d crashed and nearly died on the operating table during an attempt to neuter him.  His owner couldn’t afford his care, and the other rescue was unable to help him further.

When Bobby Sox arrived at HART, he was in bad shape - malnourished, uncomfortably constipated, and suffering from severe ringworm.  Even though he was already a year old, he weighed only 3.75 pounds!

We weren’t sure he’d survive, but he showed amazing resilience, and healed and grew strong over  under HART’s loving care. He was soon after adopted by an adoring family who renamed him "Ocho," signifying the 8 lives he now has left, thanks to HART's GA Program. 
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Peety came to HART with serious fur matts and obvious problems with his eyes. The mats were removed, but his eyes appeared to be swollen and bulging, so HART's Guardian Angel Program paid for him to see a Veterinary Ophthalmologist in Arroyo Grande, who determined Peety had inflammation and Glaucoma.

Peety had no vision in his left eye, and only a slight perception of light in the right eye. The Glaucoma was advanced and very painful for Peety, so the decision was made to remove both eyes.

The surgery was successful, and Peety went back to his foster home to recover. At first, he was confined to a single bedroom, where he quickly learned how to navigate to his litter box, his food bowl, and the waiting laps of his foster parents! Before long, Peety was successfully exploring the entire home, and interacting with the resident cats—including a fellow blind kitty, who became his breakfast buddy!

Peety was adopted by his foster family, now lives happily and pain-free. It was a life-changing journey for Peety, one that ended the pain he’d endured, thanks to the Guardian Angel Fund.

Mr. Kitters

Mr. Kitters suffered from a severe skin infection with hair-loss, scabs & raw skin areas. He needed numerous cultures performed to help find an effective antibiotic, followed by treatment which included steroids and medicated baths.

Even though his illness made him itchy and very uncomfortable, Mr. Kitters was a trooper throughout treatment. With the right medication and a special diet, Mr. Kitters is now in a permanent and loving forever home. This was made possible because of the help provided by the Guardian Angel Fund.


Pineapple was a sweet senior who suffered from detached retinas and blindness due to hypertension, as well as severe dental issues.   The Guardian Angel Fund helped fix his teeth and paid for medication to help get his hypertension under control.  Happily, Pinapple's foster fell in love with him, and adopted him into her family.  

Mr. Gray

At 10 years old, Mr. Gray came to HART via Animal Services who immediately recognized that his needs were beyond their ability to handle, but thought this loving and sweet cat could have a chance at HART.   His injuries included a broken jaw that healed crookedly and making it difficult to eat, and damage to his left hind leg, which created balance issues.

Despite everything, he was an affectionate charmer who won the hearts of both staff and volunteers.  HART's Guardian Angel Program paid to have Mr. Gray see a veterinary dental specialist to see if his jaw could be repaired, and also for his teeth to be extracted to prevent them further injuring his mouth due to the offset of his jaw. 

Thank You

from HART and the many cats and kittens who received medical treatment paid for by donations to the Guardian Angel Fund.