Guardian Angel Program


HART periodically rescues neglected, injured, or seriously ill cats and kittens. While the shelter’s general fund finances intake exams and typical medical necessities, that fund cannot also afford to cover extraordinary and expensive medical interventions.

That’s where the Guardian Angel (GA) program steps in. GA was formed by volunteers and supporters in 2012 to secure the funds for non-routine, costly medical treatments for HART’s felines. The GA program saves lives, ensures that cats and kittens are healthy and pain free, and improves their chances of finding good homes. As a restricted fund, GA proceeds are designated exclusively for special medical expenses.

HART is a no-kill shelter committed to rescuing and caring for homeless animals in need. We will never turn away an animal because of sickness or age. Your support, no matter how small, has a significant impact. GA funds save lives - together, we can make a difference!
Click on the DONATE button below to make a credit card donation to HART’s Guardian Angel Fund. The donation will be processed by PayPal Giving which transfers monies to HART free of service charges. If you prefer to make a direct credit card payment, click HERE.  HART is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are eligible to be tax deductible
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H.A.R.T. is currently home to a larger than normal number of older kitties who are in need of medical care. In order to improve their comfort and quality of life they require procedures such as lab work, x-rays/ultrasound, dental care and medications. Below are a few of the cats who are being cared for or currently awaiting care.

The GA Fund pays for non-routine and major medical expenses not covered by the HART General Fund. This year we were not able to conduct our main fundraising event (the Annual Cause for Paws Raffle) -- so we need your financial help more than ever.

Please consider making a donation to the H.A.R.T. Guardian Angel fund for Giving Tuesday. Our Goal is to raise $10,000, which is our estimate of expected medical costs for these cats in the very near future.
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Midnight sends his thanks to all of you who have supported the HART Guardian Angel Program.  He wants to let you know that he is in a wonderful Foster Home and is recuperating from surgery.  The Guardian Angel fund paid for his life-saving surgery that corrected a urinary blockage.

When the HART Guardian Angel (GA) Program learned about Midnight, he had been relinquished to a veterinarian who had been directed to euthanize him, because his family was unable to pay for his surgery.  Your donations to GA saved this very sweet and calm 4 ½ year old boy!  Thank YOU!

Mr. Gray

At 10 years old, Mr. Gray came to HART via Animal Services who immediately recognized what a loving boy he is, but his needs were beyond their ability to handle.   His injuries include a broken jaw that healed crookedly and makes it difficult to eat and damage to his left hind leg that creates balance issues.

Despite everything, he is an affectionate charmer who has won the hearts of the staff and volunteers.  He’s had teeth extracted to prevent them further injuring his mouth due to the offset of his jaw and the next step is to see if his jaw can be mended.
Mr. Gray needs a consult with a veterinary dentist and, as you can see, he requires jaw repair.


One of our cats is a sweet senior boy named Pineapple.  Pineapple suffers from blindness due to detached retinas from hypertension which we are getting under control with medication and will explore possibilities of restoring some of his vision. Our mission at H.A.R.T is to care, love and find permanent loving homes to our large number of cats like Pineapple. In our mission, we have created programs and funds such as the Guardian Angel Fund that assure lifelong medical care to every feline we are lucky enough to give a second chance.

Our goal is to provide the best of care for our felines like Pineapple and for this, we rely on the kindness of people like you. Your donation to the Guardian Angle Fund, no matter how big or small, will have a big impact. Because Pineapple deserves a happy, healthy life and you can make a difference.

Mr. Kitters

Mr. Kitters is suffering from severe skin infections. He needs cultures done to help find an effective antibiotic, and then treatment including steroids and medicated baths. Mr. Kitters is 9 years old and has been a trooper throughout his treatment. We're doing all we can to relieve his itchiness and discomfort.

Mr. Kitters was rescued from unhealthy living conditions and his foster was no longer able to care for him because of illness. He has a severe skin condition, hair-loss, scabs & raw skin areas. But with the right medical treatment, Mr. Kitters can be fully healed and find a permanent and loving forever home.


Sherman is hyperthyroid. He needs some labs done. He also needs dental work. Sherman is an 11 year old white & ginger male.  Sherman has managed to adapt to anything that life dishes out.  He adjusted immediately to his new lodgings at HART and happily explores everything.  As a senior cat, he is calm and easy-going.  A little arthritis in his hind legs means that he won't demand constant activity - just the affection that a fine cat like him deserves.  Sherman is a very sweet boy and deserves a long and healthy life - which the Guardian Angel fund hopes to provide him.


This program is powered by your contributions.  To help with a one-time donation, please click the donate button. Help our Guardian Angel program all year round by becoming a Guardian Angel member today.  Please download and fill in the Guardian Angel Membership form below. You can email it to or mail it to 2638 Main st., Cambria, Ca 93428

You may also contribute by phone, by mail, or in person. When you donate, please specify that your donation goes to Guardian Angel—checks may be made payable to “HART Guardian Angel Fund.” At the HART office, we are always happy to answer your questions about the GA program, please call 805-927-7377 with any questions.

Guardian Angel Membership form



For the pet lover in your life, Guardian Angel Certificates are available to give as gifts. Extend a thank-you, or acknowledge a birthday, holiday, or special event with a GA certificate. Many supporters use these certificates to convey their condolences regarding the loss of a loved one or a beloved pet. For twenty dollars or more you can purchase a certificate at HART’s Gift Shop for Cat Lovers—or call the shelter to order one.
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HART Guardian Angel Program


Below are stories of just a few of the many cats whose medical care was paid for by the Guardian Angel Fund.
Garfield arrived at HART needing dental and medical interventions to treat mouth lesions and bad teeth. The GA fund paid for multiple vet visits and medications to correct the conditions. Fully recovered, Garfield found a great home on a ranch in Cayucos.
Rufus was losing weight. Sore, reddened gums caused by tartar buildup proved to be the problem. Thanks to GA funding, Rufus received a full-mouth extraction and recovered nicely. Now comfortable and happy, he enjoys life in his new adoptive home.
Honey was born with a deformed, non-functional eye. To prevent additional infection or possible eye cancer, the vet recommended removal of her disfigured eye. Guardian Angels paid for the beneficial surgery, and now Honey is happily settled in a caring home, often acting as official greeter when friends come to the door.
Phoebe was born with a congenital defect involving her upper eyelids.  After two years of treatment, a veterinary ophthalmologist decided she needed cryosurgery to remove the hairs that were causing serious irritation.  Her GA-funded surgery was successful, and Phoebe was adopted by the warmhearted caregiver who fostered her during her recovery.
Only ten days old when they came to Hart, Yin and Yang had good appetites, as Yin clearly demonstrates. Both did well at first, but later developed diarrhea and began losing weight. At that point, GA stepped in to fund lab work and medications. The kittens soon began to prosper and, when ready for adoption, each found a new home.
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Three-month-old Roger arrived at HART with a badly infected eye. Due to the infection, scar tissue formation made his right eye look much smaller than his left, reducing his chances of being adopted. GA financed successful scar-tissue-removal surgery and Roger was adopted just two weeks after his operation.
Thank You from HART and the many cats and kittens who received medical treatment paid for by donations to the Guardian Angel Fund.