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HART needs volunteers! Learn more about all the ways you can help our cats & kittens in need.
Make a difference in the life of a homeless cat!
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Volunteer at the Homeless Animal Rescue Team

Like the company of cats? Volunteer at HART!
We are a non-profit organization and no-kill, cage-free shelter committed to rescuing and caring for stray, relinquished, or unsocialized cats.

You can choose from a variety of activities. While some involve as little as a few hours a month, others may require a time commitment of several hours a week to several hours a day. We welcome all who are willing to donate any amount of time. If you prefer to sign up in person, we invite you to drop by the HART office where our staff will be happy to provide you with an application and answer any questions you may have about volunteering. Note: Although we welcome young volunteers, those under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

A big THANK YOU to all current and future volunteers at HART. You make it possible for our shelter to fulfill its mission of rescuing homeless cats and kittens and finding them purrrfect homes.

HART could not exist without you.
Volunteer Application
Questions? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator

Ways to Help

There are so many ways to help the cats & kittens at HART. Read below to learn more about all the different ways YOU can make a BIG difference in our cats' lives!
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Pet Pal

Pet Pals help socialize our cats and kittens by brushing, petting, or playing with them. Some of our cats and kittens need extra socialization with people to improve their chances of adoption. Some are bored and needs extra stimulation and attention. If you have the time, we have the cats! Our kitties love visitors and are very grateful for the love and attention you share with them. It truly makes a HUGE difference in their lives! 

Feeding & Scooping

Feeding happens twice a day - first thing in the morning, and at 4:00pm. We typically need feeders in the afternoon.  Feeders fill water bowls, kibble bowls, dish out canned food, and...because what goes in must come out...feeders often agree to scoop litter boxes at the end of the day so that the cats have fresh boxes overnight.  Because the way to a cat's heart is often through her stomach, Feeders are often their favorite people. 

Clean Team

Help provide a clean environment for our cats and kittens by keeping their areas tidy. Tasks may include: scooping litter, freshen water bowls, clean cat trees, help with laundry, load/unload the dishwasher, sweep or mop floors, clean and bleach litter boxes, tools, and carriers. This may not be the most glamorous job, but it's definitely the area we need the most help and we're so grateful to those who help keep our cats' areas neat and sanitary. Please consider joining our Clean Team!

Office / Gift Shop

Assist at the front desk by answering phone calls, filing paperwork, sorting mail, or escorting visitors to cat rooms. HART also has a cat-lovers gift shop where we need volunteers to help decorate the shop, assist customers, and price new merchandise. 
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Medical Team

As a part of our med team, you would assist with monitoring and caring for sick or injured animals. Duties may include giving medications, eye or ear treatment, weight/temp, flea treatment, and health record maintenance. Experience with vaccinations and sub-cutaneous fluids a plus but not required. Training is required. 
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Foster Club

Please consider joining HART's foster club and provide a temporary home for cats or kittens in need. Short-term or long-term, everything helps. HART will provide all supplies needed. Learn more about our foster program HERE.
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Transport cats & kittens to or from veterinary appointments, typically in Cambria. Appointments may also be scheduled throughout San Luis Obisbo county. A car and valid insurance is required. 
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Community Cat Management

Help manage Cambria's feral cat colonies by feeding and providing fresh water once a day. The schedule is flexible and you can help as little or as much as you want. It's an easy but incredibly rewarding way to help some of our most vulnerable felines. You can also help by trapping cats needing to be spayed/neutered and returned (TNRM) or to be placed for adoption. Training and assistance will be provided. 
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Join a Committee

HART has a Fundraising & Events Committee, which focuses on planning social events, fundraisers, and other events to benefit HART. These funds go towards HART's general fund which helps keep our shelter doors open. These donations cover the costs for intake exams, treatments, and typical medical  expenses. As well as food, litter, and the every day cost of running the shelter and caring for our animals.

HART also has a Guardian Angel Committee, which focuses on raising funds for non-routine and costly medical treatments for HART's cats and kittens. 100% of funds raised for the Guardian Angel program are designated exclusively for special medical expenses.

Lastly, HART has an Evacuation Team which focuses on the training of HART's evacuation procedures and practices in the event of an emergency.

Committees generally meet once a month. 
Apply to Volunteer!
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Why Volunteer?

Volunteering isn’t just great for our cats, but it’s incredibly rewarding for our humans too - volunteering provides a sense of purpose, increases self-confidence, helps with physical health, and reduces feelings of stress, anger, and anxiety. Being around cats is proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate and just makes you happier! Our cats love having humans around and are so thankful that you have come to feed them, change their kitty litter, brush their fur or just sit and spend some time with them. You will see how gratifying it is to make a better life for these cats and kittens. Contact us for more information or complete our Volunteer Application.