Ways To Help

HART needs your support and there are many ways to help. Please read below to learn more about all the different ways you can help H.A.R.T. and our cats & kittens. 

Donate to our General Fund

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Your financial support is vital to HART. Our ability to rescue cats and kittens and place them in caring homes depends to a large extent on the generosity of patrons like you. Donations to our General Fund help keep our shelter doors open. These donations cover the costs for intake exams, treatments, and typical medical  expenses.
Click on the DONATE button below to make a credit card donation to HART’s Guardian Angel Fund. The donation will be processed by PayPal Giving which transfers monies to HART free of service charges. If you prefer to make a direct credit card payment, click HERE. HART is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are eligible to be tax deductible.

Donate to our Guardian Angel Fund

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100% of donations to our GA fund goes towards non-routine and major medical expenses not covered by the HART General Fund. The GA Fund finances medical interventions such as surgeries, dental work, and other costly procedures. This fund allows HART to take in senior and special needs kitties other shelters often turn away.
Click on the DONATE button below to make a credit card donation to HART’s Guardian Angel Fund. The donation will be processed by PayPal Giving which transfers monies to HART free of service charges. If you prefer to make a direct credit card payment, click HERE.  HART is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are eligible to be tax deductible.

Become a Member of HART


Amazon Wish List: Supplies for HART’s Kitties

With so many cats and kittens, our shelter goes through supplies very quickly.  We appreciate the generosity of all our donors, whether monetary or through an in-kind donation. Donations of cat food, toys, medical supplies and more are all needed and extremely appreciated. Take a look at our Amazon Wishlist for what our kitties have been dreaming of.

Kitten season is rampant early spring throughout the fall seasons. Taking in hundreds of kittens means running through supplies pretty quickly. Please consider donating an item from our Orphan Kitten Kit Wishlist on Amazon. You can choose from a selection of Orphan Kitten Kit supplies that will be delivered to H.A.R.T. Thank you for any contribution - no matter how big or small - our cats LOVE deliveries (mostly for the box the presents arrive in)!

Thank you for helping us take care of these vulnerable kitties! We couldn't do this without our amazing HART family!

We ALWAYS appreciate your support!
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You can increase your financial support to HART by shopping on AmazonSmile, and it will cost you NOTHING! Here’s how: Shop online at Amazon and use your smile.amazon.com account. Millions of Amazon products are eligible for AmazonSmile donations — you get the same convenient shopping and low prices, and Amazon automatically donates 0.5% (half of one percent) of your purchase price to HART. Don’t have an AmazonSmile account? It is easy to sign up by using the "Get Started" button on the right.
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Volunteer at the Homeless Animal Rescue Team

Like the company of cats? Then volunteer at HART! We are a non-profit organization and no-kill, cage-free shelter committed to rescuing and caring for stray, relinquished, or unsocialized cats.

The Homeless Animal Rescue Team is most urgently in need of volunteers to aid in the cleaning of our cat rooms and feeding our cats (training will be provided). This would take place in the morning hours. You can work alone or with a partner. If you are comfortable giving cats medications, we are also looking for people to join our med team. Training is provided. Several other volunteer opportunities are available, just call or email the shelter to learn about all the different ways you can help cats and kittens in need and our shelter grow!
Volunteering at Hart isn’t just great for our kitties, but it’s incredibly rewarding for our humans too - volunteering provides a sense of purpose, increases self-confidence, helps with physical health, and reduces feelings of stress, anger, and anxiety. Being around cats is proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate and just makes you happier! Our cats love having humans around and are so thankful that you have come to feed them, change their kitty litter, clean the floors and just make their space more comfy. You will see how gratifying it is to make a better life for these cats and kittens. Call HART for more info at 805-927-7377 or email warmhearts@slohart.org

A big THANK YOU to all current and future volunteers at HART. You make it possible for our shelter to fulfill its mission of rescuing homeless cats and kittens and finding them purrrfect homes.

HART could not exist without you.
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When you volunteer at HART, you can choose from a variety of activities. The Volunteer Application lists many volunteer opportunities and includes their descriptions. While some of the activities involve as little as a few hours a month, others may require a time commitment of several hours a week to several hours every day. For example, Foster Home volunteers provide a vital role in preparing cats and kittens to be adopted by taking them into their own homes on a temporary basis.  Click here to learn more about Fostering. We welcome all who are willing to donate any amount of time.

If you are interested in joining our team, please download the Volunteer Application below and email  it to warmhearts@slohart.org. Or call 805-927-7377 and someone will get back to you soon. If you prefer to sign up in person, we invite you to drop by the HART office where our staff will be happy to provide you with an application and answer any questions you may have about volunteering. Note: Although we welcome young volunteers, those under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Download our Volunteer Application

Email completed application to warmhearts@slohart.org  or drop off at the shelter. You can also complete a volunteer application at the shelter Tuesday thru Saturday 12 pm - 5 pm.


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HART is seeking applicants for the Medical Care Manager position (our current Medical Care Manager, Evelyn, will retire in December). Qualified applicants should contact HART via warmhearts@slohart.org.

Following are the Job Description and Job Requirements:

Job Description:
The Medical Care Manager is responsible for overseeing the health and welfare of the cats and kittens in the shelter as well as those in foster care. Manage the medical treatments and maintain medical supplies; schedule veterinary visits, medical procedures, and spays/neuters;  perform intake exams, vaccines and de-worming.

Will also be responsible for training and supervising the staff & volunteers on the Medical Team (incl. cleaning staff) and working with the Shelter Manager to schedule the Med Team. Provides advice for adopters.

Will maintain/update shelter database records and provide monthly reports for review by the Board of Directors and other supportive committees as needed.
Job Requirements:
2 to 4 years’ experience as a veterinary assistant or RVT and/or working with a pet-rescue adoption shelter.
Prefer experience with shelter medicine and protocols.
You will be working closely with our Veterinary Partners to maintain the health of all the shelter & foster cats and kittens so you need to have some working knowledge of feline health issues and treatment of same.
Must be able to handle feral or fractious cats safely and in a humane manner & all cats and kittens with fear free techniques.
Work with and manage staff in a professional manner.
Communicate effectively needed instructions to non-medical volunteers and staff.


An easy, thoughtful way to make a future donation to HART. Consider leaving a legacy gift In your will or trust.

You may never see the animals your legacy gift will help, but you can ensure that many cats and kittens will live better lives tomorrow because of your generosity and foresight today. Pet overpopulation and homeless and neglected pets will be with us for the foreseeable future. By including HART in your estate planning, you can make a significant difference in their lives.

Although it is not difficult to leave a legacy gift to a charitable organization, it is important to get professional advice regarding the details—for example, drafting a codicil to a will or adding an amendment to a living trust.

 Thank You for considering HART in your estate planning.

Download "support-hart-through-your-estate.pdf"

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Do you want to get rid of an old vehicle but don't want to deal with selling it... fixing it... or junking it? Consider donating it to HART. The donation process is safe and simple.... you get rid of your unwanted vehicle (includes free pick up and title service)... you may qualify for a tax deduction... AND you support HART.  Find out more about donating your unwanted car, boat, motorcycle or RV... whether it runs, or not!

Every donation to HART makes a big difference.  Learn more about donating your vehicle by clicking here now

If you have questions, Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.’s).  Or call Vehicles for Charity at 1-866-628-2277 for more information.
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